c18 blog?

Over on Matt’s blog I had asserted that while “it would be great if there were an active eighteenth-century blogging community,” I didn’t think this was going to happen any time soon. Then I realized that for all I know, there are other eighteenth-century scholars out there blogging away. A couple of searches on Google seem to confirm my original assumption, though. I did come across some interesting mentions of the eighteenth century, however, in discussions of blogging.

I’m not sure that this Fresh Air commentary from Geoff Nunberg gets blogging right, but his connection to the origins of the novel struck me as interesting:

There’s something very familiar about that accretion of diurnal detail. It’s what the novel was trying to achieve when eighteenth-century writers cobbled it together out of subliterary genres like personal letters, journals, and newspapers, with the idea of reproducing the inner and outer experience that makes up daily life.

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