spamming mystery

This idiot used to plague me with his unsolicited email sent to my account at the University of Maryland. I complained to him. I complained to the hosts of his email account. I complained to his ISP. Nothing worked. Then I moved here, and I figured my problems were solved with my new email account.

Recently, however, I started getting his stupid “newsletters” again. How could this be? Who is this guy? Is he stalking me? I went through the whole rigamarole of complaint again and eventually solved the problem. Then, looking at the full header of one of his emails, I realized that he had not sent it to my UMKC account but to <ghw at>, which was never my email acount at Maryland, but which is bizarrely an apparently active email address that is forwarding all mail it receives to my new email account. Very strange.

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2 thoughts on “spamming mystery

  1. Well, that explains the email address. However, I’m still going to allow myself to be amazed at the automatic forwarding from the UMD account to the UMKC account. I have long resigned myself to the institutional inertia of universities, and so when something like this actually works it seems like a minor miracle.

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