surround sound home theater

If you’re wondering what the surround sound that comes with a probably expensive home theater system sounds like to your apartment building neighbors when they are, perhaps, at home on a Saturday trying to grade assignment from their undergraduate English classes, I think I can help you out. Herewith are the great variety of sonic wonders generated by such a system:

  • War movies: BOOM! rumblerumblerumblerumble BOOM! rumblerumblerumblerumble.
  • Sports: rumblerumblerumblerumble BOOM! BOOM! rumblerumblerumblerumble.
  • Beer commercials: rumblerumblerumblerumble BOOM! rumblerumblerumble.
  • Oprah: rumblerumblerumblerumble rumblerumblerumblerumble BOOM!

Who wouldn’t want to spend thousands of hard earned dollars to experience such a rewarding auditory paradise?


  • Antique Roadshow: rumblerumble BOOM! rumblerumble BOOM!
  • The Today Show: BOOM! rumblerumble BOOM! rumblerumblerumblerumble.
  • MTV’s Cribs: rumblerumblerumble BOOM! rumblerumble
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