blogging with my palm

Exam day. Last 5 minutes of class. Finished the task I had set for myself while students take the test, so I thought I’d write an entry on my Palm. This is not moblogging, I assume, because I’m not posting from a portable device, just composinq. Will sync & post later from my laptop in the office. What do you call this?

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2 thoughts on “blogging with my palm

  1. Moposing? Doesn’t quite work–sounds too much like a supermodel working overtime. Maybe mobposing? Definitely intrigued by the ability to be able to constantly update one’s blog.

  2. I think the word “blog” needs to be in there somewhere: “palmblogging”? Hey, what activity would deserve the name “mudblogging”? You know, like “mudbogging”? Get it? Get it?

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