about those wmd…

Frustrated, U.S. Arms Team to Leave Iraq (washingtonpost.com)

The group directing all known U.S. search efforts for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq is winding down operations without finding proof that President Saddam Hussein kept clandestine stocks of outlawed arms, according to participants

The 75th Exploitation Task Force, as the group is formally known, has been described from the start as the principal component of the U.S. plan to discover and display forbidden Iraqi weapons. The group’s departure, expected next month, marks a milestone in frustration for a major declared objective of the war.

No comment. This speaks for itself.

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2 thoughts on “about those wmd…

  1. I wonder if the millions of injured, mourning, and traumatized Iraqis would call it a “milestone in frustration?”

  2. Good point, CT. I’m shocked and awed they’re throwing in the towel so soon.

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