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In between grading final exams today, I did a little searching to follow up on my previous post. Found two helpful-looking sites:

  • KCWireless, a WiKi for the Kansas City area. Their eventual goal is to blanket KC with wireless access nodes.
  • Wifinder, a directory for the whole world, basically. However, it looks like its focus is on commercial access providers, which is fine, but it wouldn’t hurt to find some free access points, either, now would it? I was able to find an entry for a café called The Internet Exchange in Manchester using this directory.

I believe this is the Wired stuff (on wireless) that Chuck was referring to in the comments.

Yes, I know wifi is not really that big a deal, but it still carries enough of a gee-whiz factor for me to get excited about it.

And no, I still haven’t actually used my laptop’s wifi capability, although UMKC does have some wireless zones.

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2 thoughts on “more on wifi

  1. You need to use it, George. WiFi plays very well. I use it at home and work and have no problems. Matter of fact, it was great at work at the first of the year when our ISP decided to disconnect our new location instead of our old one. I just fired up the laptop and set it next to a window. Was able to find a signal coming from an apartment close by and we were on the net. Don’t tell anyone though. :)

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