rusty, but still there

My computing skill, that is. After almost a year away from this kind of work, today I spent several hours reacquainting myself with PHP and Postgresql, and I managed to put in some quality time with regular expressions, too.

I’m working with a number of other people on a visual culture project for Romantic Circles, and while I’d like to provide more detail concerning this project, reading this article has given me pause. The article is ostensibly about dating, but it’s really about the risks of blogging. I don’t mean to imply anything mysterious about the RC project, just don’t want to jinx things.

When there is a site that’s ready for prime time, though, I’ll announce it here.

It might be a little while, so … maybe browse around on the web while you wait.

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One thought on “rusty, but still there

  1. I’ve been thinking about some of these questions with regards to personal relationships a lot lately, especially when I happen to mention (or not mention) something I’ve done on a date. My tendency is to respect the privacy of people I meet socially, but it gets complicated. What happens when my date reads my comments about going to Athens, for example? I know you’re talking about other “risks,” but the public nature of blogging can get really complicated….

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