that’s a lot of preaching

I spent part of yesterday reading through one of the preacher’s materials. He kept an amazing record of his preaching in something called a sermon register: what he preached where at what time. Each page is a single month, and for every day of every month he recorded his morning & evening (and sometimes noon) sermon texts, in other words, on which verse from the Bible he preached. This register goes from the 1770s to the 1810s, and he keeps a running tally of how many sermons he’s delivered. By the end of the register, the total is just over 13,000. That’s surely not 13,000 separate sermons, as he is sure to have repeated discourses over the course of his career, but still: Wow. This is an invaluable resource. I don’t yet know how many of the preachers kept such meticulous records, but I certainly did not anticipate being able to know this kind of detail. It’s stunning.

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