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I’ll take a quick break from writing wrestling with my paper on “John Wesley’s Magazine Publishing Career: 1778-1791” for the SHARP conference next week to mention the blog of Edith Frost, Drag City recording artist and, apparently, righteous computer whiz. Who knew? I’m listening to Telescopic right now.

She writes her blog entries in an appealingly personal, folksy style, but she’s also integrated some pretty sophisticated functions (from my semi-technically skilled p.o.v) into her main page. In an entry from yesterday she lays out her DIY blogging ethos:

I like to keep my own website the way I like it. I want to run it, organize it, control the layout and structure, and all that good stuff. I don’t like the idea of somebody else hosting my site and controlling the way it’s presented.

I seldom hear music I want to hear on the radio. My ideal radio station would play Edith Frost, no doubt.

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