need new music

I went by a local record store yesterday with the idea that I would buy some new music. I had three candidates in mind:

  1. Something by The Cucumbers, because I really dig that song, “Illegal,” they posted for download on the Protest Records website.
  2. Something by Built to Spill, because I really dig the song Jenny posted on her site. (You have to scroll down to find it.)
  3. Double Nickels On The Dime, by the Minutemen — who, being a defunct band, do not have their own homepage, but whose former bass player, Mike Watt, does — because I saw a commercial for the movie Jackass and I swear they were playing a clip from a song on this album, and I thought, “Either something terrible is being done with the music of the Minutemen, or this movie is a lot more interesting than I thought.”

In any case, three swings and three strikes.

So I’m soliciting suggestions for a new music purchase. Any ideas?

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6 thoughts on “need new music

  1. skip the disks: go straight to the FIVE HOUR live two dvd set. it’s amazing. jimmy in 70! jimmy in 73! jimmy in the freakin needle days of 75! it’s amazing.

  2. Keep looking for Built to Spill. I’ve really enjoyed one of their CDs (the title escapes me). And, no, Jackass is not an interesting movie (except possibly by accident). I watched it a few weeks ago, but was too embarassed (for them and for me) to even blog about it.

  3. I’m still hopeful about finding a Built to Spill CD. Also ready your post about buying a White Strips disc, and they’re in the running, too.
    Note to others: I’m still soliciting suggestions!

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