using php to make php

How many people will think, based on the title, that this entry is about some kind of illegal lab? Nope, it’s about programming with php.

After a long day of tedious html form building for data that will be entered into a database using some php scripts, I thought, while trying to fall asleep, “There’s got to be a better way. I’m creating the same kinds of forms over and over, surely there’s a way to automate this. I bet I could build a set of pages that would be based on php, but would actually create forms after asking you for some basic info. Yeah, that would be cool. It’s not php, it’s meta-php! I should blog about this…zzzzz.”

The next day, Jeff wisely said, “Why don’t you just look on Sourceforge and see if anyone has already created something like that?”

And voila! phpCodeGenie

I haven’t actually gotten it to work, yet, but I’m close. Does anyone know of similar tools that

  1. are free
  2. actually work out of the box without too much tweaking?
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