weekend update(s)

In some sort of weird blogging convergence, everyone’s reporting their weekend adventures. Heidi went to a picnic on Saturday and was rewarded with allergies and chigger bites. Jason saw a bear (for only the second time in 20 years, he says) on a camping trip with his dad in Virginia. After a trip to Annapolis with Matt, Kari made meatloaf. Randy’s weekend featured photography, slugs (no, that’s probably not right), and barbecue. Deb — who, alas, does not have permanent links to her individual entries — went to DC without knowing exactly where she would be staying. Liz took a jaunt to Niagara Falls. Chuck — also without permanent links to individual entries: curse you Blogspot! — had yummy Lebanese food and took in a movie.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, we walked down to the River Market farmer’s market — which is one of the best things about Kansas City — had a cup of coffee while people watching, bought enough fresh produce to fill our backpack, then perused the Asian Supermarket for some wasabi, dried seaweed sheets, and a bamboo rolling mat. Later that evening, The Matrix: Reloaded — more on this later, perhaps — followed by a post-movie snack at Fedora’s.

Then on Sunday, following this guy’s instructions, I tried my hand at making sushi (not sashimi, mind you: nothing raw). It wasn’t perfect, but given that this was my first attempt ever, it was surprisingly good.

So…what did you do?

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4 thoughts on “weekend update(s)

  1. Well, on Friday my husband taught himself how to make chicken makhni, our favorite Indian dish. Now we can eat it for a fraction of the cost on a regular basis. Even better, it’s low-carb-diet-friendly. :)

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