bad day

I would like to officially announce that I am having a bad day. An unproductive, headachey, fuzzy-brained, and pessimistic day. I hope to post something worth reading sometime soon, but until then, I would welcome any suggestions for getting out of this funk.

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4 thoughts on “bad day

  1. sorry to hear the k.c. blues have hit. my humble suggestion for rx: a really really good cup of coffee and a willingness to call your loss, surrender the day, and embrace the funk. you know, broody music. poe. yeats. ad nauseam. i like to get it all out of my system by being all morrissey for an hour or so.
    here’s to a happier wednesday, george.

  2. Indeed. I recognize this funk, having repeatedly found myself in it over the last few years. My solution is usually the one I most resist, the one that my panicked work-ethic declares impossible: take a day off. Really. OFF. Go see a movie. Go swimming. Lie around and read something you’d be embarrassed to be seen with by your peers. And then get a good night’s sleep, and come back to it fresh the next day. I find my productivity on my return more than makes up for the hours I’d have spent banging my head against a brick wall (and becoming decreasingly effective) inbetween.

  3. I’m with KF–take a break. Catch a movie. Have a nice dinner. At most, do something mindless or routine–these are the days when I clean my apartment. Looking forward to your coming to Atlanta.

  4. This is what I love about having a blog: almost instant long-distance support. Thanks a bunch! I basically took all of your suggestions, in spirit if not to the letter. Had an iced coffee at the Broadway Cafe: Bought the new White Stripes CD. Watched *two* taped episodes of _Six Feet Under_ rather than the usual one. Went to bed early.
    Feeling clearer today. Already this morning I’ve had the car inspected to renew the registration, and while I waited I made some notes towards current and future projects.
    Here’s hoping for a better day.

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