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In the interests of event/entry temporal proximity I’ll post a quick note reporting that I just delivered my paper moments ago. It went pretty well, I think, and the turnout was very large. Mine was the third paper, and the first two were absolutely top notch

  • Ian Gadd (Bath Spa University College)
    ìCovering Godís Ass: Casting New Light on the ëWicked Bibleí of 1631î
  • Matt Brown (University of Iowa)
    ìëGod Leaves a Space that You May Writeí: Bibliographical Theory, Reception Studies, and Early Modern Devotional Readingî

So of course, I felt like my paper was the ugly duckling of the three.

I’m off to the next panel. More later…

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4 thoughts on “paper presentation

  1. Congrats on the panel’s success, George. I’m sorry not to have made it by; happily, work has taken a turn for the productive, and I’ve been a bit afraid to stop! Enjoy the rest of the conference, as well as the rest of your SoCal sojourn…

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