wednesday’s SHARP activities

Well, I don’t plan to blog live from session to session here at SHARP, but I’ll probably check in now and again. For those most loyal to the g.h.w. experience, a rough agenda for tomorrow Wednesday is attached in the extended entry. You can also consult the whole conference program for yourself.

Wednesday, July 8
Tour of the Huntington Library

“Following a private tour of the library, there will be time for you to visit the book exhibits, arts museums, and gardens on your own.”

Session 5 “Books in Series”
Melanie Brown (University of
Minnesota, Twin Cities)
“ëThe Heroic
Performance of Readingí:Ý Rhetorics of
Emanuel Haldeman-Julius in the Little Blue Books”
Gordon B.
(Wayne State University)
Evidence and Reader Response:Ý The
Modern Library Series”
Mary Hammond
(Middlesex University)
“ëPeople read so
much now and reflect so littleí:Ý Oxford
University Press and the Worldís Classics Series”
Reception and Welcome
Hixon Court
Sponsor: Harvey Mudd College
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