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This has been a pretty long stretch of silence for me on here. But offline, I’ve been getting some good work done on the article growing out of the paper I delivered at SHARP that I hope to have sent off to a journal before the fall semester comes. So that’s where my writing energy has gone, I guess. Outside of writing these entries, I find writing hard going, but I guess that’s true for just about everyone.

I leave for Georgia today to visit family and to do a bit of research at Emory University‘s libraries. Pitts Theology Library has a copy of the microform collection called “The People called Methodists,” which contains useful stuff for me. And the Special Collections and Archives at Woodruff Library has a lot of valuable material on Methodist History.

Best of all, I’ll get to see my homies, Chuck and Mike.

I might blog the trip, I might not. We’ll see.

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2 thoughts on “light blogging

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