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The Art and History of Sushi

Young Grasshoppers everywhere, come learn from the Masters! World Foods Market sushi chef, OO Saw Shwe, with Prepared Foods Team Member and member of the Chef’s Collaborative, Curtis Johnson, will discuss the history and reveal the secrets of creating beautiful sushi. The Art and History of Sushi will make it look easy! Learn to roll sushi, sample several delicious varieties and take home a free sushi mat.

CONVENER: OO Saw Shwe & Curtis Johnson

CLASS FEE: $9 + $10 material fee = $19

Sec. A: 1 session; Wednesday, September 24; 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM; Whole Foods Market, 7401 W.. 91st St., OPKS; LIMIT: 25

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2 thoughts on “i am so doing this

  1. Ah,
    Much pleasure to you perfecting your Maki rolling technique for refreshing Kappa Maki. And much joy to you in winding that strip of nori round the omlette for Tamago. And dipping your hands in the vinegar before forming those delicious mouthfuls of rice balls rolled in sesame seed.

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