the tools you use matter

Via Slashdot: A discussion of tools for writing. Would you use vi?

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5 thoughts on “the tools you use matter

  1. I read that as well and found it an interesting discussion. I tried vi for a while, but just couldn’t get myself to adopt it. At the same time, I now find myself limited at work to either Notepad or Word XP, neither of which I’m particularly fond of. I tend to use Word in final draft stages, but in times past (previous jobs and at home), I usually find myself using TextPad – a pretty basic text editor with the functions I want (and need) but without the ones that drive me crazy.
    I’m hoping they’ll let me install it on my work computer …

  2. MS Word format doesn’t work well at all, I’m afraid. This was *very* frustrating, until I discovered that the native format doesn’t have problems saving! Then everything was happy, because (like you) when sharing, I just export as PDF.

  3. Longhand

    According to this interview (via Slashdot), Neal Stephenson admits to writing the first draft of his new 900-page novel Quicksilver longhand, using a fountain pen. And you thought David James Duncan was cool for using vi. This revelation is followed

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