what’s cookin’?

This weekend someone gave me a chunk of basil the size of a small shrub. Pesto, anyone?

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3 thoughts on “what’s cookin’?

  1. You could always make a pizza using some basil leaves. Just use a Boboli crust, a can of diced tomatoes, mozarella, and a few basil leaves. Add your favorite topings. Sprinkle with oregano. It’s good stuff, especially with fresh basil.

  2. Chuck, that’s a good idea, and I think we’ll probably do that. Although I have a connection with good backyard tomatoes, instead of canned.
    Francois, the workshop was scheduled for next week, but it has been postponed. I’m not sure how well basil would go, though. :-)
    Last night we had a very nice pasta using some of the basil, some of the backyard tomatoes, and some farmer’s market red bell peppers. Summer has been hot, but it has brought some very good produce!

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