back home

Lots of conversation about teaching. Some duck observation. Some incompetent bowling. Such was my sojourn in the Ozarks.

Oh, I also had this … interesting conversation:

So, you’re a vegetarian?

Well, what do you eat?
Anything but meat.
Do you eat chicken?

I return to KC with a head full of responsibilities and deadlines. Oh dreary Sunday, do not taunt me with your blue skies and sunshine.

As the sun comes over the roof of my apartment building and, descending towards the west, warms the windows, the frames creak and pop as their temperature changes and they expand. My cat gets to nap all day, but in all likelihood he’s probably a bit bored.

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2 thoughts on “back home

  1. I cannot count how many times I’ve had some variety of this conversation with relatives. I sometimes wonder if I might get them to plant me a chicken bush in a sunny patch somewhere, waiting for my visits.

  2. My relatives, thankfully, finally get it. It’s all the other nincompoops that get to me. I’m not a prima donna about it, but I’m gonna say something if all you serve me is a plate of lettuce and chicken. ‘Cause the lettuce is just not going to get me through the afternoon.

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