blogging backlog (backblog?)

Never promise to blog more on a topic later, as this promise will hang over your head like the sword of… you know … err… well, like a big sword. I’m well aware that I promised to have more to say about the film All the Real Girls, about Harold Love versus Adam Fox, about Rick Springfield, about the title of my book. And I never wrote up my thoughts on the film American Splendor.

Sorry! I hope to get to them at some point. For now, consider these promises rescinded.

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5 thoughts on “blogging backlog (backblog?)

  1. Forgiven! I still haven’t broken the habit of making promises I don’t keep on my blog, either. Now I just try to think of them as reminders to myself. Hmm…maybe that’s a new TypeList…

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    I’m still working through my interest in heist movies, and with that in mind I watched James Foley’s Confidence (IMDB), which stars Edward Burns as the lead con man, Jake, who begins the film acknowledging (a la Sunset Boulevard) that…

  3. note to self

    when george brought up the sins of backblogging, i thought, well, at least you post every once in a while. i’m not interested in seeing this thing die off anytime soon, though the evidence seems to indicate otherwise. i’m following…

  4. Hitting the Pause Button

    Sometimes I think my blog needs a rewind button, or at least a pause button, so that I can go back to those topics that I’ve wanted to address but the timing wasn’t right. Of course, just as you can’t…

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