not so chatty

I don’t mean to neglect you, dear reader, it’s just that you’ll get somewhat light blogging from me as I try to sort out the busyness of my life.

Link and comment: go check out the DISC website, which I helped create back in the MITH days along with Jason, Eric, and Amit Kumar. DISC “is an international, interdisciplinary, user-generated, digital forum providing support, collegial networks, and information that sustains a disability studies academic community and promotes disability studies in a humanities focus.”

Disability studies and “adaptive technologies” should, imho, be the next big focus of digital studies and human-computer interaction in that this focus forces us to confront our own assumptions about how technology works to meet the needs (natural? culturally constructed?) of humans.

Plus I think there are some really cool gagdets in the future for all of us.

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