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Did any of you happen to catch Radiohead on the David Letterman show last night? Is it just me or did they seem kind of … grumpy? Life is so hard when you are a financially successful, critically acclaimed musical group. Oh, the humanity! Maybe CNWB is right.

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3 thoughts on “radiohead on letterman

  1. I didnt think they were grumpy. They definitely looked “in the zone” ready to pounce type of vibe. what was interesting though was before the set Letterman and his accomplices did a sketch, a very cheesy sketch, with radiohead on the same stage ready to play. the sketch fell flat, not the type of warm-up act RH is probably used to, this kinda long in the tooth used car salesman type antic where only the players laugh. what was cool too was that when the band finished Letterman came on stage to greet the band and the singer walked to the backstage leaving Letterman standing there open handed with no obvious takers. I saw Mike Stipe do this in the 80s, almost too shy to be upstage with dave, or else so revolted he had to perform on such an idiot circus show like Letterman.

  2. What song did they play? 2+2=5. think about it. pay attention to the lyrics. you are not paying attention. They are usually making a political statement or mocking the American people- the pigs in a cage, on antibiotics. everything they do on american television is for a reason and is usually to mock this sterile prison that we live in.

  3. Letterman left Rh an almost exact to the second amount of time to perform 2+2=5. The supremely STOOPID ‘skit’ with Blitzer was, well, a typical WWP corporate time-killer. The lads actually like performing on Letterman – atleast until that night. And apparently Dave likes the lads. But, imagine playing this shite if the Beatles were there. Would P. Diddy get 3:50 to do a 3:40 song? You may not like Rh, but they ARE of Beatles stature in this decade.

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