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I had a very difficult, hour-long conversation with someone who’s known me my whole life, though I haven’t spent any significant time with him in person or on the phone in years and years. Alone on Thanksgiving, and after a few drinks, he decided to call me for company and solace. Hoo-boy. I think I felt full-strength doses of all the emotions in the human repertoire one by one, and I was drained after we were done.

So to get my mind onto something else, I took our out-of-town guest, L’s sister R, on a tour of Kansas City. We went to the City Market and walked out to take a look at the Missouri River and the work that’s just started on the Kansas City Riverfront Heritage Trail. We toured Columbus Park next, probably the most diverse neighborhood to be found here. Then we headed to the 18th and Vine district
(check out these pix from the Kc Public Library), home of the American Jazz Museum as well as the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, a place I suspect Chuck will want to see when he comes to visit. From there, we drove through the Crossroads District, home to many studios and galleries of artists in KC’s creative community, on the way to the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Community Christian Church; unfortunately, it’s not really anything all that exciting compared to the other Wright buildings I’ve seen. Finally, we rented a couple of videos from SRO Video: Eddie Izzard: Glorious, and Thunder Road.


So how was your day?

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7 thoughts on “…later that same day

  1. I definitely want to see that museum when I come to KC, especially after reading that Barry Bonds was deeply moved by it. I undertand that KC had one of the better Negro League teams back in the day. Do you know if there is any connection?
    I’ll try to blog about my day later.

  2. Oh, did you join the Negro Leagues Museum?? It’s what Buck O’Neil [http://www.nlbm.com/oneilbio.html ] wants for his 92nd birthday, and it’s only 10 bucks this month. Actually, he wants 9,200 people to join the museum in the month of November–and we only have a few days left. I don’t know what number they’re up to.
    I had the flip-flop of your day–the difficult (in a different way) conversation at the end of the day. Cleared my head after that by walking down to the Plaza to see the already-on lights as the hordes were bumper-to-bumper trying to get out.

  3. Oh yeah, Thanksgiving=closed. Duh. Someone [me] hasn’t been getting enough sleep!
    I didn’t think tonight either and got on a bus home that goes right through the Plaza. I don’t know what I was thinking. Every year I forget just how crowded it gets.

  4. My day was spent in Rome (where I am, still, for another few hours), eating bean soup and beautiful salad and no turkey, and socializing with brother, sister-in-law and 3.5-year-old nephew. Not half bad.
    On the other hand, I’ve been bad about blogging, like, awful. I find that the design of one’s blog has a lot to do with [un-]desire to write — so I’ll make an effort to redesign, and to come back to the land of the blogging, and write about translation experiences, dissertation deadliines and the war on drugs. Meanwhile, hi.

  5. Spent the holiday in NY with Lisa, my folks, and my brother. Was good fun (though tiring). More, with pics, on the blog soon.
    Happy (belated) Thanksgiving to you and L :)

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