pieces of a life

October 2003: Kansas City, Missouri. More adults dressed up this year for Halloween than I’ve seen in a long time. Pikachu is a server at the sushi restaurant on Friday night. The woman in the car in front of me has cat ears. A discarded Lil’ Bo Peep cap lies on the sidewalk outside my apartment Saturday morning.

September 1985: Naples, Italy. Members of my graduating high school class are held captive at gunpoint on the beach for … how long? … twenty minutes? an hour? It seems like I should remember.

December 1989: Berlin, Germany. I walk up to the Berlin wall with a hammer and pound on it until pieces fall into my hand. Guards come sauntering by to shoo me away halfheartedly.

Stitching the pieces together makes a life. Some fabrics are more interesting than others. Sometimes it feels like you have a choice, and sometimes it does not.

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2 thoughts on “pieces of a life

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    In his entry, “Pieces of a Life,” George briefly lists three experiences and comments that “stitching the pieces together makes a life.” Some of these experiences (Halloween costumes in Kansas City, several of his classmates taken captive at gunpoint o…

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