fun with google bombs

There are those who are calling him unelectable.

Update December 30, 2003: This post used to have a different title and many more examples of the word in question. The result was that this post became the number one google hit in response to a search for the word in question. So I’ve changed the title and the content in the hopes of achieving the intended result.

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9 thoughts on “fun with google bombs

  1. According to one source, it took about six weeks for “miserable failure” to register on Google. I’m betting “unelectable” will register even more quickly.

  2. using my powers for good?

    It will be interesting to see how quickly the unelectable meme spreads, and how long it takes for it to impact the search results for unelectable. (Thanks to George and Kieran for the heads-up on this.)…

  3. Well now, aren’t you a clever fellow! I hope you’re right!!! “Unelectable” indeed! From your lips to God’s ears! Or as Picard would say “Make it so”!!!

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