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“Reading is a fundamentally solitary activity, which is why readers seek other readers, trying to create a sense that they are participating in a shared activity. In the last year or so, literary bloggers have begun to take the place of the little magazines and have subtly tilted the entire critical climate.”
-David Sexton, writing in the Scotsman (via Beatrice)
In case the link to Sexton doesn’t last, here are the sites he mentions: Good Reports, MobyLives, BookSlut, Moorish Girl, Maud Newton, Old Hag, The Minor Fall, The Major Lift, and The Elegant Variation.
Sexton also mentions “[m]ore formal and respectable reviews” such as Hyde Park Review, the Literary Saloon, Waterboro Library, Arts and Letters Daily, Kitabkhana, and La MuseLivre.

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