but what will they do in november?

Via WaPo: “Most Think Truth Was Stretched to Justify Iraq War

A majority of Americans believe President Bush either lied or deliberately exaggerated evidence that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction in order to justify war, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

The survey results, which also show declining support for the war in Iraq and for Bush’s leadership in general, indicate the public is increasingly questioning the president’s truthfulness — a concern for Bush’s political advisers as his reelection bid gets underway.

Barely half — 52 percent — now believe Bush is “honest and trustworthy,” down 7 percentage points since late October and his worst showing since the question was first asked, in March 1999. At his best, in the summer of 2002, Bush was viewed as honest by 71 percent. The survey found that nearly seven in 10 think Bush “honestly believed” Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Even so, 54 percent thought Bush exaggerated or lied about prewar intelligence.

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One thought on “but what will they do in november?

  1. And Zell Miller has the &^%$# nerve to claim that the “hard left” has created a “deficit of decency” best represented by Comrade Kid Rock’s wrapping hismelf up in the American flag.

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