greetings from boston

I am such a freakin’ geek. Here I am at the hotel, and before I even go to my room … “Oooooh! Thirty minutes of free wi-fi at Starbucks!”

The flights were fine. Spent about an hour at the airport in Cincinnati, which got me thinking about the number of airports I’ve passed through in cities I’ve never actually visited: Detroit, St. Louis, Houston, Dallas, Newark, and probably some others I’m forgetting. They all have their own character, but they all share a weird mixture of sterility and grime, jet fuel and bacon fat. Cincinnati reminds me of Atlanta, although maybe that’s just the Delta terminals, and Logan, here in Boston, reminds me of La Guardia, but that’s just an initial impression.

This is the first time I’ve been to Boston, although I’ve been through the airport probably a dozen times on the way to and from Europe. It looks like a great city, and so I’m going to log off and see what I can find.

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4 thoughts on “greetings from boston

  1. Boston is a great city…the subway (the T) is like toy trains, compared to most cities. Safe, clean(ish) and very very easy to navigate. Wander around the city a bit, hopefully the weather will be better for you than it was for me…

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