speaking of new media…

…I wanted to mention, again, “Listening Post,” by Mark Hansen and Ben Rubin at the Liszt Visual Arts Center. The work is beautiful, eerie, and captivating; a brief piece appeared in the NY Times when the work was at the Whitney. What the Times does not make clear, however, is that the language processed by the piece is pulled live from the Internet. (See this write-up, too.) The wall plaque explains that “[‘Listening Post’] continuously samples texts from thousands of chat rooms and other online public discussion forums.” So you, dear reader, could be part of this exhibit and not even know it.

I felt this info deserved an entry all its own, having been previously embedded in the middle of a rather long entry.

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3 thoughts on “speaking of new media…

  1. Hmmm. For some reason, I never noticed that it was “List.” From the first moment I saw the name and wrote it in my notebook, I thought it was “Liszt.” Weird.

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