a googlebomb dropped on intolerance

Via Liz, Michael Froomkin, Norman Geras, and Jewschool: here’s the Wikipedia entry on the word “jew” and the Judaism 101 answer to the question, “Who is a jew?”

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One thought on “a googlebomb dropped on intolerance

  1. Via NY Times

    Earlier this month, the company said it had no plans to alter its search results despite complaints that the first listing on a search for the word “Jew” directed people to an anti-Semitic Web site. But it did append a note to the top of its listings that said, “We’re disturbed about these results as well” and a link explaining that “because of our objective and automated ranking system, Google cannot be influenced by these petitions.” (The site was offline for a few days, so it is not currently displayed in Google’s rankings, a Google spokesman said. It may return to a top spot now that it is back up.)

    The paragraph is relevant to the above googlebomb effort, and the article is an interesting discussion of Google’s influence.

    Of course, as reported on Slashdot, Google is not always above removing certain sites from the contents results page.

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