freedom of the (student) press

3 thoughts on “freedom of the (student) press

  1. Thanks for your expression of support for the department’s actions.
    Eh, my opinion is that men having sex in public restrooms and saunas is a news story in the same way that a gathering of ducks at a pond is a news story. In a homophobic culture, we shouldn’t be surprised at the lengths people will go to in order to secretly fulfill their desires for physical intimacy with others of the same sex. There aren’t many other everyday locations that provide the opportunity for anonymous sex.

  2. Hmm. There was a comment here from “fond-of-alma-mater,” but it has disappeared somehow. I’m sure that’s my fault, but if so, it was entirely an accident. If “fond-of-alma-mater” wants to repost the comment, I promise not to delete it.

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