luminous blue variables

Unable to sleep, I am reminded by Miriam of the Poem on Your Blog idea. Today is the last day of National Poetry Month.

Check out “Luminous Blue Variables,” by my colleague Michelle Boisseau.

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6 thoughts on “luminous blue variables

  1. poem in your pocket day

    Which bloggers can interpret as poem on your blog day! Here are two by one of my favorite Hungarian poets, Agnes Nemes-Nagy. More books of hers translated into English listed here (not a long list… see Amazon for a list…

  2. Thanks
    In Luminous Blue Variables, after the cascade of lines one is convinced that the line
    “One life is so small its story fits everywhere”
    does resonate with invisible waves of the spectrum.

  3. A Pit Bull on the Pant Leg of Opportunity

    I hadn’t planned on contributing to the “Poem on Your Blog Day” to honor the end of National Poetry Month, in part because so many other bloggers had contributed so many wonderful poems:From The Salt-Box, Jason points to T.S. Eliot’s…

  4. How to live

    George reminded me that April was National Poetry Month, which completely slipped by me. Instead of religious passages, I’ll have poems read at my funeral (if I have one–and hopefully that’s a long healthy time from now). [If I’m lucky,

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