rice testifies before 9/11 commission

From the PBS Newshour site: Investigating 9/11, including RealAudio of Commission Questioning.

From the Washington Post:

The New York Times has a comprehensive section covering the 9/11 panel, including a transcript of the testimony of Condoleezza Rice before 9/11 commission and these two recent pieces:

The Guardian has a special section on 9/11 that includes this story on Rice’s testimony.

From Slate:

From Salon:

And, of course, GoogleNews provides a huge cluster of information.

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2 thoughts on “rice testifies before 9/11 commission

  1. Reading Alan Gilbert’s essay only deepened my desire never to be appointed to the NSC. (Happily an obscure possibility at best, of course.) I can only imagine the essay my adviser might publish . . . .!

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