the associated press!?

An AP reporter called me this afternoon asking to arrange an interview. It seems he read the story that Heidi did for the University News and now he’s interested, too.

I’ve gotten more mileage out of saying I’m going to get a tattoo without actually getting a tattoo, yet, than I would have thought possible.

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4 thoughts on “the associated press!?

  1. Cool! You know this means there will have to at least be a photographer there when you do finally get the tattoo… ;>

  2. You’re finally doing it, G!….congrats.
    This is so cool, and (you’ve probably already said this somewhere else on the blog — apologies for unintentional repitition) it really takes the issue of “self-representation” out of the decision.
    I remember us having several conversations about your potential tattoos over the years. Not that I ever even contemplated it myself, but I always thought/said that I would be unhappy with finally landing on an image that represents “me”: at the moment and over time.
    In this way, your tatoo will make you literally part of something else — another entity.
    How cool. I can’t wait to see it (assuming that you will locate it in such a place as I would care to look, that is. But that’s up to you, of course).

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