wanna see my wiki?

In the interests of experimenting with a variety of online, collaborative technologies, I installed a very simple wiki. Play around with it, if you like. It’s the simplest one I could find: PhpWiki.

I’m not sure, yet, what use I/we might have for a wiki, but it’s worth experimenting. If you’re unfamiliar with wikis, check out the relevant entry in the Wikipedia. I think I would install MediaWiki if I had a specific project in mind because it seems to provide more controls over editing.

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6 thoughts on “wanna see my wiki?

  1. George, this is exciting! I could see classes doing wikis together, or wikis used to replace resources like the lists of literary terms that were mentioned on Palimpsest. An c18th wiki would be great; is that what you are thinking?

  2. I was pretty much thinking of a fairly directed class project, where students would be assigned certain terms, events, publications, or historical figures for which to write entries, linking to each other as they went.
    Kevin Berland, who founded C18-L, started a C18 wiki a few months ago, and I don’t think it went anywhere. I believe one would have to have some pretty well defined structure at least initially. Maybe once the semester is over the Palimpsest folks, and any other interested parties, might dream something up, like a glossary of literary terms.

  3. I’m definitely going to look into this over the summer. A couple of years ago I had my intro. class prepare a class study guide which I posted on-line, but a wiki would be a lot more fun.

  4. George,
    Got a warning when I edited the wiki
    Warning: the Wiki DB files still live in the /tmp directory. Please read the INSTALL file and move the DBM file to a permanent location or risk losing all the pages!

  5. No worries, Francois. Once I create something that’s ready for prime time, I’ll be sure to get the wiki (whatever flavor I eventually install) to work right. Thanks for the message, though.

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    Samantha Blackmon points towards a post at Common Craft called “Wikis Described in Plain English.” Like George, I’m thinking of…

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