learning to use mediawiki

As I learn to use MediaWiki, I’m realizing that while the software is great, the User’s Guide sucks. It often tells you what you can do without fully explaining how to do it. There are many simple things I can’t figure out:

  • how to change the default appearance
  • how to link to other sites
  • how to use categories
  • how to automatically link a book listing to library catalogue (is this possible? you can automatically link to online bookstores, which is cool)
  • how to lock/unlock pages
  • how to limit who does or does not get to edit pages
  • how to revert to a previous version of page in case of vandalism
  • how to list all articles automatically on a master page somewhere
  • how to create headings and subheadings for each page.

I’m sure I’ll learn how to do these things, but it’s taking me longer than it should.

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