moochester to london

Posting some pics from earlier in my trip: ladies and gentlemen, the lovely ladies of Manchester.

I had a very productive day yesterday in the British Library. The staff are just top notch and very helpful. I must admit, though, that when I first arrived, I was treated a bit brusquely (the bluejeans and bleached-out hair probably don’t help) until the “Dr.” on my UMKC card was noticed. Then everything was peaches and cream. It’s good to know my advanced education is good for something.

Last night we had a fantastic South Indian meal (I blogged a NY Times article about this cuisine back in April) and then headed to the Tate Modern, where we took in the sublimely eerie “Head to Head” before settling in at the bar on the top floor and gazing out at St. Paul’s across the Thames while mocking the pretensions of our snooty French waiter.

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5 thoughts on “moochester to london

  1. Little Rock has a similar initiative involving painted pigs. I think it’s a Junior League project; the businesses buy the pigs, paint them up, and the money goes to city beautification or somesuch. Most of them are pretty horrific, though. Moochester much better.

  2. What funny looking creatures. I’m imagining that some of them might produce a spontaneous giggle as you’re walking down the street — especially the cows climbing up the light pole.
    I wish one of the cows would have been converted to a time-traveling bovine that you could hop on and end up here at home – so you could join L and I in a rousing game of Rummy Cubes!

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    Some bloggers are very good at writing about their research and conference trips while they’re on the road. It always sounds so sophisticated and enticing. Using a few minutes in the hotel or from a library computer to write a…

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