a new herder of the word

A new blogger joins the Wordherders with jeblog. From the first entry:

Primarily, I will log my consumption of culture and/or media, from the somewhat contrary position of someone who believes that less culture/media is more.
Secondarily, I will log my own production of culture/media, such as virtual performance spaces, and installations, as well as various digital projects.
I will also be logging my work life as a web/graphic designer and scholar/academic, as well as some of my other avocations/interests/investments, such as music, activism, and buddhist meditation practice.
And then occasionally there will be something that doesn’t fit into any category, with which, dear reader, you must deal.
I will aspire to concision in my entries and, most often, fail.
First favorite quote, from Samuel Beckett: “To be an artist is to fail, as no other dare fail.”

Sounds like it will be interesting stuff. Welcome, jeblog!

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