i am addicted to garageband

Here’s something fun to start your week (MP3, 1.88M).

In other news, ragweed is just about killing me.

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One thought on “i am addicted to garageband

  1. I have GB, but have no clue what the hell it does. I know it is some sort of a music composer, but… well, do you mix already done tracks? Use a keyboard and play notes? I am clueless. Guess I should spend more than just a few minutes looking at it and scratching my head.
    Now iMovie… wow! That is a program! I got it figured out. I should post one of my movies for all to see.
    I had a battle with allergies back end of August. they knocked me on my butt for a few days. Was supposed to be ragweed then too. Maybe a different strain or something from what you are having trouble with. Only took generic claritin for a few days and then it got better quickly, but damn it was awful.

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