the fate of script in an age of print

The SHARP panel at ASECS 2005 (my original CFP here):
Chair: George Williams

Giles Bergel (Queen Mary, University of London), “Shifting the boundaries of ‘the shift from script to print’: the case of engraved lettering.”
Katherine Ellison (Emory University), “Tracing the Way of an Eagle in the Ayre: Script and Print in Seventeenth-Century Cryptography Manuals”
Betty Schellenberg (Simon Fraser University), “Vicarious Reading, Manuscript Culture, and Johnsonís The Rambler”
Rory Wallace (Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design), “Wish You Were Here”

I received enough good proposals for a second panel on the topic, and I’ve asked the conference organizers if they could accommodate an additional panel. I’ll keep you posted…

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