“all caps is like shouting”

Are there still people who do not know that using all capital letters in their electronic correspondence is equivalent to shouting?

Yes, there are.

Do these people quote from a definition of all caps as shouting as support for their position that all caps is not shouting?

Again I say unto thee, yes.

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6 thoughts on ““all caps is like shouting”

  1. But, sheesh, is that a tiresome thread. Talk about bumf. I said the other day that I love C18-L; but some days it pisses me off immensely. Some people don’t know when to shut up; and some people don’t know when to stop reacting to the people who don’t know when to shut up. And as for people trying to tell me that you can’t understand an entire era without having read everything ever written by one person… (Well, at least now I’ve switched to the digest setting the claptrap isn’t filling up my mailbox…)
    And that is all I’m going to say about it. Except that I’m entirely on your side about CAPITALS = SHOUTING.

  2. ” some people don’t know when to stop reacting to the people who don’t know when to shut up”
    Well, that would be me, wouldn’t it? ;-)

  3. I know, I realised how it sounded shortly after I pressed Post. It wasn’t you I was thinking of, honest. Your contribution was quite sane and restrained. Unless you’ve gone and done something crazy since I got the digest this morning, of course… ;o)
    Ooh, I’m all in suspense now.

  4. I’ll tell you what’s almost as annoying: switching the list over to another email address, timing it so that you miss the original offending item, and then opening up a thread of netiquette whoopass on an item you’ve never even read. Takes all the side-choosing fun out of it. Nicely played, though.
    JS (also an Edith Frost fan, btw)

  5. You done gone and did it now, haven’t you?
    Do people ever react well to being told this? I had to ask an (admittedly poor) student to stop yelling in WebCT discussions last semester. In her end-of-semester review, she said “I did not learn anything at all in this class, EXCEPT THAT ALL-CAPS MEAN I’M SHOUTING.” (Response: No, the reason you didn’t learn anything at all in this class is because you never showed up or turned anything in.)

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