bush’s final statement

He refers to a painting of a house on the eastern side of a mountain: “The side to see the day that is coming, not the day that is gone. I like the sentiment in that statement.”

Translation: Look, you know as well as I do that I’ve been a crappy president. I’ll try not to do such a bad job if you re-elect me, but I can’t make any promises.

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5 thoughts on “bush’s final statement

  1. He harps on the tax breaks. They put money in our pockets.
    I’m sure that $300 is lovely for the people that have been unemployed in the long term. That’ll keep them fed, housed, and hunting jobs long into next term!

  2. I liked Kerry’s comment about being tired of politicians who talk about family values but don’t value families. If I could vote, I would’a voted for him just for saying that! He is one polished, articulate, intelligent man, this Kerry lad!

  3. Hey, George, that was cool. Next best thing to actually being in the States and seeing the debate. Well, better probably. When it comes to politicians, edited highlights is often the best way to prevent insanity or slipping into a coma. Thanks for taking those risks for me, dude.

  4. The difference in their debate strategies:

    • Kerry thinks: “Maybe chiasmus will make a lasting impression.”
    • Bush thinks: “Me pound on wood, make big noise.”

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