Out of order, chaos. Out of chaos, order. This is my life. It’s your life, too.

The cat’s gone blind. It happened quickly. He still gets around just fine. That’s what whiskers and tails are for.

I seem to be going deaf in my right ear. It’s happening quickly. I don’t know if it’s only temporary.

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4 thoughts on “thursday

  1. Max says “thanks,” G1.
    Chuck, thank you for checking in. While Max’s blindness is permanent, I suspect my impaired hearing is not. I need to schedule a doctor’s appointment, though.

  2. The cat is still blind, but after seeing the doctor today, I can hear again. Stop reading now if you’re easily grossed out…
    …Apparently the wax in my ear was blocking sound. I wear earplugs at night, and they seem to get in the way of the ear’s natural ability to move wax out. The good doc flushed it out with warm water, and now I can hear with one ear tied behind my back.

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