neh summer seminar

This summer institute from the National Endowment for the Humanities looks interesting:

Dates: June 20-July 29, 2005 (6 weeks)
Steven W. May, Georgetown College, KY
Faculty: Julia Boffey, Victoria Burke, S. P. Cerasano, A.S.G. Edwards, Mary C. Erler, Margaret J.M. Ezell, Adam Fox, Laura Gowing, Harold Love, Alan Stewart, Paul Werstine, H. R. Woudhuysen

Information: Kathleen Lynch
Folger Shakespeare Library
201 East Capitol St., SE
Washington, DC 20003-1094
i n s t i t u t e AT f o l g e r DOT e d u

Maybe I’ll apply. I’ll write for more information. What is an NEH Summer Institute?

Institutes provide intensive collaborative study of texts, topics, and ideas central to undergraduate teaching in the humanities under the guidance of faculties distinguished in their fields of scholarship. Institutes aim to prepare participants to return to their classrooms with a deeper knowledge of current scholarship in key fields of the humanities.

Keep this in mind the next time proposals come around (and they will be coming around) to gut the funding for the NEH.

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2 thoughts on “neh summer seminar

  1. Actually, with the current administration in place, funding is pretty flush (flush being incredibly relative, of course). It’s when you get a certain party controlling one branch of govt. and another party controlling the other branch that leads to the gutting.
    But thanks for calling attention to the S&I programs. They tend to fall into the group of events that participants deem “life changing.” I highly encourage not only participating, but applying to lead one in future years.

  2. We’ll see how my summer plans shape up. I’m sure it would be a very rewarding experience, and what a line-up of faculty! The Folger is sending me a packet of information.

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