blah, blah, blah, or…

…gender and blogging, part 3. (See part 1 and part 2.)

Much gnashing of teeth is taking place in the comments section of this Crooked Timber entry.

The Little Professor asks, “[I]sn’t putting abstract speculation before data collection sort of like, oh, putting the cart before the horse?” My thoughts exactly. To put it another way, we cannot have a debate about the causes for X until we have established that X exists.

Some of the comments to this entry suggest that a drug is needed for the irony impaired.

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4 thoughts on “blah, blah, blah, or…

  1. But without the oh-so earnest responses to Dr B, the whole thing would have only been half as funny (ie, still very funny). A lot of people didn’t get Belle’s ironic CT post either…
    We all do it sometimes though, don’t we? (Quite recently I thought someone meant it when they said something along the lines of how much they loved exams – no, really, I did, for several minutes.) And bloggery wouldn’t be half as much, er, fun without the opportunities for people to make complete twits of themselves (because you didn’t get the joke; because you failed to translate from American into British English; because you got so irate that you didn’t finish reading the post properly… all of which I have done within the last couple of months).
    At least, please tell me we all do it sometimes, since otherwise I’ll be forced to conclude that I simply am a twit.
    And I agree with you totally. The blathering about this is getting right up my nose.

  2. *The* Link Portal on Gender in the Blogosphere

    As I’m in the midst of writing a dissertation which is a feminist rhetorical analysis of gender and blogging practices, I’ve been assembling all the links I can find on the debates about gender in the blogosphere.

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