christmas in new york

Yesterday we had lunch at the Thai place in the Polish Brooklyn neighborhood where we’re staying. Then we went to the newly expanded Museum of Modern Art (see this piece in the New Yorker), where I got to spend some time with a few of my favorite artists:

I also made the acquaintance of the work of a few new (to me) artists:

Weseley’s photographs, the result of exposures lasting up to three years, are amazing. Longstanding structures are portrayed as solid, but people, cars, and buildings under construction appear as ghosts at best.

Around 6:00 we had a couple of drinks at Union Square, then headed to a restaurant named Bruxelles for a meal of mussels and pommes frites accompanied by some delicious Belgian beer.

Today? I have no idea what we’re doing today.

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One thought on “christmas in new york

  1. Excellent, excellent. I can’t wait to get to MoMA (our tickets are for tomorrow). And other places, too. Like the Museum of Natural History.
    Enjoy MLA!

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