my life as a(n)…

  1. …author?
  2. …publisher?
  3. …distributor?
  4. …vandal?
  5. …all of the above?

I met Nick Montfort in Philadelphia and became a participant in Implementation, leaving portions of this novel stuck on a bus, an airport shuttle, ATMs, soda machines, and hotel elevators. One of Nick’s other collaborative works is 2002: a Palindrome Story, which features illustrations by Shelley Jackson, an author/artist who has left her mark on me.

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One thought on “my life as a(n)…

  1. It was great meeting up with you, and thanks for being a part of Implementation. Fortunately I’d recovered from my travels a bit by the day of the blogger meet-up and wasn’t as much of a zombie as I’d been earlier. See you around in the humanist blogosphere…

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