new year, new version, new blog

So the blog is now called “Thanks for not being a Zombie,” and my name is no longer so prominently displayed. Please, dear reader, change your links so they say something like “Thanks…Zombie,” instead of my name. I’m not going to be overly concerned about concealing who I am, but I’m going to be harder to google. I have an inclination to talk about some things that, while not scandalous, are perhaps a bit impolite.

It remains to be seen if I will act upon those inclinations. Don’t worry: if I know you, the chances are very slim that I plan to write about you.

We’re running the latest version of MovableType, now. If you run into any problems, please let me know.

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13 thoughts on “new year, new version, new blog

  1. Have updated the link. Site looks good. Looking forward to the threatened scandalous posts.
    But, how are you going to stop zombies from reading?

  2. Okay, there is some weird delay with the comments. I posted the first one, but it didn’t seem to take, so I posted the second, and low and behold the first one appeared.

  3. Well, unless you’re using (the simple, yet powerful) TypeKey, your comment will not be posted until I approve it.
    What is supposed to happen is that non-TypeKey commenters get a screen that says something like “Thanks for your comment. As soon as I have time, I’ll approve it and it will appear on the site.” But for some reason, I can’t get that screen to appear.

  4. Thanks, Parrish, and to everyone for updating links.
    Thanks to Jason for doing the upgrade.
    I need to migrate some comments from the temporary location for the blog back over to this installation. Bear with me.

  5. I’ll be interested to see what happens to your identity after 6 months or a year of this. I started out as a completely genderless, anonymous blog, and now pretty much everyone knows who I am even though I still have no About page. When people refer to me, it’s usually “Krista at Arete” and my full name appears on many people’s blogrolls.
    I wonder if, in a little while, you’ll be “G. at Thanks for Not Being A Zombie” or just “The Zombie says…” I kinda like the idea of saying “The Zombie told me to read Eisenstein!”

  6. Link updated…I like the new name. (Although wouldn’t “Not Zombie” be a more suitable nickname, considering the title, than “The Zombie”?)

  7. New Year, New Appearance

    Like G at “Thanks for Not Being a Zombie”, I’m upgrading and changing the appearance of the blog. I’m still not quite satisfied, but you’re witnessing the basic new look for the chutry experiment for 2005. I’ve been using the…

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