i always thought this was a myth…

…but it turns out it’s not:

Jack Kerouac: On the Road
January 19ñMarch 13
North Gallery
University of Iowa Museum of Art

Known as ìthe Scroll,î the typescript for On the Road is 120 feet of continuous paper. The physical embodiment of Kerouacís spontaneous writing method, the scroll is one of the most remarkable literary manuscripts in existence.

One of the key works of American literature and a turning point in 20th-century culture, the UIMA exhibition will be the first time the entire scroll has been publicly displayed.

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4 thoughts on “i always thought this was a myth…

  1. Did they display the scroll laid out flat?
    From the announcement: “one of the most remarkable literary manuscripts in existence.” Well, this may be overstating things a bit.

  2. It was in a ten-foot long glass case with a few feet unrolled so you could see what it looked like, but I’d imagine the whole manuscript would be quite long.
    It was pretty fascinating but to call anything “the most impressive” inevitably sets us up for a fall. It was cool and all, but it didn’t really change my life or anything…

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